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Describe the evolution of private security. Address how World War II had a major influence on the growth of the private security industry. (Min 2 Page list referances)

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Private Security

Private security meets the needs of individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations that require more protection than is afforded by public police officers. The consumer of private security may be any individual, Public or Private, large or Small. Consumers of private security seek protection against many types of natural and human made risks. In addition to protecting assets and property, private security seeks to provide a stable, safe environment in which employees may pursue their work without disruption or harm

For Example:  Wealthy individuals may hire a private security patrol for their residence, Colleges often hire security patrols, Banks also generally seek help of Private security.

Beginning in the second half of the 20th century, private security (whether proprietary or contractual) has taken an increasingly larger role in crime control and prevention, so that as of 1985 the resources of money (over $20 billion annually) and personnel (over 700,000) exceed that of public law enforcement. Indeed, the most recent trend is the 'privatization' of functions such as running jails and prisons which were previously the jobs of government exclusively.