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Statement of financial accounting standard#133(ASC815-10), "Accounting for derivative instrument and hedging activities", establishes the accounting for derivative financial instruments.

   Your assignment is as follows:


1) identify four examples of derivative financial instruments. explian the purpose of each and discuss the economic reasons for their use. Provide insight into how economic gain is determined for each instrument.


 2)Discuss the accounting model and valuation for each derivative financial instrument within the Securities, Investment Company and Banking Industries, In your discussion, ote the effects of "hedging"


3)Obtain 1 disclosure from recently issued financial statements for each of the above mentioned industries for derivative financial instruments. Provide a narrative explaining how the disclosures differ and how they are similar.

PLS answer three question, with 5-6 pages.

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Financial Markets (The definition)

A financial market is a market in which financial assets are traded. In addition to enabling exchange of previously issued financial

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