Deploy and Administer Windows Server 2012 week 8 ITS405 - 90216

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Deploy and Administer Windows Server 2012


Colorado State University Global Campus

Deploy and Administer Windows Server 2012

            Worldwide Advertising, Inc. (WAI) is an up and coming advertising firm in need of a secure, reliable, and expandable configuration for their internal network. With two sites and 300 employees, a Windows Server 2012 environment will be installed in both locations, connected through a secured tunnel. Although the firm currently does not have an IT staff, they have hired an analyst, PJS LLC, to configure and implement their core IT services, who will transition the network duties to IT staff as they are hired.
            In this proposal, PJS LLC will be covering all necessary aspects of WAI, Inc.’s server and network structure. It goes over the deployment strategy and server editions necessary, virtualization options, and physical locations of each server. In addition, this document addresses the DNS namespaces, Active Directory hierarchy, and file and printer sharing capabilities throughout the network.
            Four servers should be sufficient for WAI’s initial 300 employees. Three of these servers will be located at the Los Angeles location, while the other one will be a good backbone for the fewer employees in New York. Each of the servers in both locations will be installed with Windows Server 2012 Datacenter edition. The reasons for using the Datacenter edition of Server 2012 are client-access licensing, unlimited virtual machines