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Degree of Democracy in U.S Political Jurisdiction

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Degree of Democracy in U.S Political Jurisdiction

The degree of industrial democracy has developed at a higher level in more industrialized countries than the U.S. Union membership and unionization is more affluent economies and is in most cases influenced by fewer solidarity variables or the economy, and the institutional factors. In general, such governments implement and promote unionization whereas; the other forms of government aimed at reducing the influence of workers at the workplace and also reduce facilitation of unionization. It is not a surprise that political forces in the U.S are against to unionization given their center-right tendencies (Lester, 2015).

The highest representation of Christians in the U.S is from the Catholics who have a representation of 68 million in number. For 85 percent of the Catholics, their faith was very important to them. The members of the Catholic religion have always been very active politically since the 19th century. Nonetheless, there has not been an important religious party at either the local, state, or national level. Due to the decrease in big city machines and unions, Catholics have moved towards conservatism and away from liberalism on economic issues.

Unionism is considered a very useful device for the worker’s