Defining the Future of Health Policy in Practice Discussion - 17697

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Defining the Future of Health Policy in Practice

What do you think is the best course for health policy to follow in the future? 

You have spent much of the last 5 weeks examining how others have created the current state of health care policy. In this final Discussion, you will assume the role of policy maker.

To prepare for this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources. Give particular consideration to the course text “Epilogue” and its depiction of the direction of health care policy and practice.

Select a health care policy that you would like to put into place. 

By Day 4, post a summary of the article then post a comprehensive response to the following:

· Summarize the policy.

· What’s the goal of the policy? 

· Who are the stakeholders? 

· How would you develop the policy?

· Who will be affected by the policy?

· What are some barriers and facilitators to its successful implementation?     

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