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DDBA 8303 Week 4 Assignment 2 Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project—Conducting the Interviews *****) This week you will complete your interviews and transcription for your small-scale qualitative research project. To prepare for this Assignment, you will take into consideration feedback from your Instructor on the Interview Guide submitted in Week 2 when conducting your interviews. Each interview should last 15–20 minutes and must be audio-recorded, because this is the standard for good practice in qualitative research interviews. Be sure to consider the different options for recording the audio of your interviews, including programs like Audacity, Sony Acid Xpress, and others. Don’t forget to save each interview audio recording as an MP3 file in case your Instructor asks to review it. Once you have completed your interviews and captured them as audio files, you will need to transcribe the interviews. By Day 7 Submit your completed interview transcriptions. o If either of your interviews lasts longer than 20 minutes, transcribe only a maximum of 20 minutes for each interview. (*** DDBA 8303 Week 4 Discussion Dealing With Difficult Participants *****) To prepare for this Discussion, consider the following scenario: You are a researcher conducting a qualitative research study and have scheduled a series of interviews. As you begin to conduct your interviews, you encounter a number of problems: Particiant A does not expand on his or her responses, providing mostly one-word answers, and refuses outright to answer some questions. Participant B continually goes off topic, sharing personal anecdotes, and takes up interview time with unrelated information. Finally, Participant C has been difficult to schedule and attempts to withdraw his or her contribution to the process after showing initial interest. Consider strategies you might employ to address these challenges and any potential insights you may gain toward your growth as an independent scholar. Post a strategic approach for addressing participant difficulty in qualitative interviews. In your strategic approach, do the following: • Identify two or more strategies for addressing difficult participants within the interview process. • Assess the effectiveness of your identified strategies based on scholarly research. Be sure to provide scholarly examples to support your assessment.
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