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DDBA 8161 Week 2 Impact of Strategy on Successful Innovation To prepare for this Assignment, select a business case from those provided in this week’s Required Readings and conduct further research on the featured company. Be sure to use scholarly, peer-reviewed resources from the Walden Library in examining the nature of innovation and effectively utilizing business strategy development. Submit a 4- to 6-page evaluation of the role of business strategy in advancing innovation. Your evaluation must include the following: • A brief description of your chosen business, including the organization’s name, mission, and vision • A detailed explanation that includes a response to the following questions: o How did the company capitalize on the value of the business strategy process? o What approaches would you recommend for this business seeking to enhance strategic innovation? o What data would you leverage within a business strategy? o How might you utilize business strategy to further innovation within this organization? ( DDBA 8161 Week 2 Discussion- Business Strategy Formation Case Study- The Role of Innovation ) Post an analysis of the role of innovation in business strategy development within a global context. Your analysis should include the following: • A description of BOBA’s innovation, including the underlying strategy and specific context for its current success • An analysis of the impact of geographic location and surrounding business communities on innovation and strategy development • As a global change agent, explain the importance of researching global implementation of innovative business ideas or strategies from the research literature. Be sure to include relevant scholarly examples of successful or unsuccessful global implementations and how they can further influence the understanding of innovation as a component of business strategy.
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