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( DDBA/8006 Week 1 SELF ASSESSMENT PAPER ) Submit a 3- to 5-page Self-Assessment in which you do the following: · Explain why you are pursuing a doctoral degree. · Briefly describe the results of your SWOT analysis. · Formulate three goals you plan to accomplish as a result of (or in conjunction with) completion of your DBA degree. · Compose at least three personal or professional strengths that will aid you in achieving your goals and at least three challenges that might prevent you from reaching your goals. · Assess how prepared you are to overcome these challenges, including any strategies you have developed or resources you may draw on to help you achieve your goals. · Conclude why earning your DBA degree can not only help you to achieve your goals but can create opportunities for you as a global change agent to devise solutions to complex business problems and to effect positive social change in the world and/or your community.
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