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During World War II it was imperative that the United States government find a way to transport products to and from different parts of the United States. Huffman Trucking Company was one of the first companies commissioned by the United States used to assist in this effort. Established in Cleveland Ohio K. Huffman started the company with one tractor-trailer and thanks to the help of the United States government, grew to 16 tractors and 36 trailers by 1945. Today, Huffman Trucking Company has 800 road tractors and 2100 45 foot trailers at its disposal.

Although Huffman has been extremely successful, the need to remain competitive by use of information technology has been a challenge. It is the first company that has been recognized to outsource 100% of its information systems support.

Due to the large fleet in use by Huffman Trucking through-out its many locations, the need arose for an equipment maintenance tracking system which could be accessed globally.

Service Request Requirements

Huffman initiated a service request for the development and design of a fleet truck maintenance database with Smith Systems Consulting. Though Smith Systems Consulting developed entities and attributes for the Fleet Truck Maintenance database, the company did not develop the database itself. According to service request SR-HT-003, the expected result of the service request is the creation of Entity-Relationship Diagrams for the Fleet Truck Maintenance database.