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DBM 502 Week 6 - Team Assignment

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Huffman Trucking Implementation of a DBMS


With more and more data needing to be stored, organized, and accessed within a company, the need to implement and utilize a good Database Management System (DBMS) has become absolutely necessary. DBMS systems range from a simple system such as Microsoft® Access to more complex systems such as Structured Query Language (SQL) and Oracle. The objective of this analysis is to look at the current processes being used within Huffman Trucking as they relate to data storage, organization, and accessibility and then to recommend what DBMS system could meet the needs of the company.

This analysis will first look at the current DBMS system being utilized by Huffman Trucking and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current process(s). After the analysis of the current system is complete, our team will look at various DBMS systems to identify which system would be better suited for Huffman Trucking. Once the DBMS system is identified, our team will present the details and features of the recommended DBMS system that Huffman Trucking should consider for purchase and implementation. Lastly, our team will recommend a plan for implementing the recommended DBMS system, identify which problems within the current Huffman Trucking could be solved by implementing the system, and identify issues that might be incurred during the system’s implementation.

Requests, Analysis, and Responses

Company’s Request

When the company was small, being able to track everything from truck maintenance and company personnel was relatively easy however; as the company has grown a need for a better system has arisen. Huffman Trucking has turned to our team to evaluate their current database processes, identify the strengths and weaknesses of their current database system, and recommend both a better database system as well as ways the system can be implemented within the company.

Current Analysis for Huffman Trucking

About the Company: Huffman Trucking was founded by K. Huffman in 1936, with a single semi-tractor trailer operation that has grown to an operation that now has over 800 road tractors, over 2,100 trailers, and over 260 “roll-on/roll-off” units used to move cargo on and off ships to their tractors. Currently the Corporate Office andServiceCenteris located inCleveland,OH, with other facilities inLos Angeles,CA,St.