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Question. Your store manager just told you that since profits have been falling over the past year, he has recommended to the owners that they could increase profits by cutting back further on customer services. After all, customers don’t really expect service anymore. Agree or disagree with this statement and explain your reasoning. Question. Should the level of service offered by a retailer be directly proportional to the gross margin obtained from the sale of the merchandise? In other words, the more profitable the item, the greater the service level that should be extended. Explain the reasoning behind your answer. Question. Should online customers expect the same type of service that bricks-and-mortar customers get from retailers selling similar merchandise? Explain the reasoning behind your answer. Question. A major discounter was recently quoted as saying that he “no longer worries about dwell time. After all, low price is the only factor that drives sales.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What is your reasoning? Question. Some discounters not only have a “no layaway” policy but also will only accept cash. They don’t accept checks or credit and debit cards. Will this hinder these stores in the marketplace? Because of the slowing economy and the high fees banks charge on the cards, as well as bad checks, is the trend moving away from accepting these forms of payment? What would you suggest retailers do? Explain your reasoning. Question. How does the type of customer affect the level of customer service a retailer should offer? Question. Shouldn’t all retailers seek to exceed their competition’s level of customer service? Explain the reasoning behind your answer. Question. Develop a list of predictor variables you would use to screen applicants for a sales position in (a) a jewelry department in a high-prestige department store, (b) a used-car dealership, (c) a health club, and (d) an antique shop. Question. A men’s clothing store chain has analyzed the annual sales per salesperson in 10 of its stores nationwide. The sales per salesperson range from a low of $121,000 to a high of $248,000. Develop the list of factors that might help to explain this wide variation. Question. When you are shopping for yourself, do you appreciate it when the salesperson uses suggestion-selling techniques? Does the type of merchandise make a difference in your answer? Question. What should retail salespeople know about customer choice criteria? Question. Why is selling so much more important for retailers of services than it is for retailers selling physical products? Question. Why is it so important that a retailer’s sales personnel be taught that each customer must be contacted by a sales associate each time the customer enters the store? Don’t some customers just want to be left alone to look around?
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