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This is two part question. The first is an APA 5 page format tutorial with references and the second is a forum question that can be a couple of paragraphs long. the exercise and the forum are below. any questions send me an email and i'll clear question you might have.

No system can be built to be safe and reliable in all environments and under all conditions. Therefore, we need to explicate any assumptions we make about the environment, about input values, and about the ordering of inputs. Such non-functional requirements must explicitly specify all of the situations and conditions under which the system must not fail. Discuss methodologies to ensure acurate capture and rendition of requirements.

For your responses it is expected that you provide:
* Thoughtful, complete and detailed responses with examples along with a justification on why you said what you said.  
* Provide unbiased research-based responses. You may use online library resource called EBSCO host and or other authentic resources to do your research.  Personal opinions are ok as long as the evidence is authentic and from unbiased research-based.  Note: Wikipedia is not necessarily and/or always an authentic research resource.
* Use APA style for writing your responses

------------------Exercise 21 on page 222--------------------------

Pfleeger and Hatton (1977) examined the quality of a system that had been especified using formal methods. They found that the system was unusually well-constructed and easy to test. They especulated that the high quaility was due to the thoroughness of the especification, not nessessarly its formality. How could you design a study to determine whether it is formality or thoroughness that leads to high quality?



----------------Discussion Forum:  Mistakes During the Requirement Process--------------

Capturing User Requirements is a research exercise that is undertaken early in a project life cycle to establish and qualify the scope of the project. The aim of the research is to understand the product from a user's perspective, and to establish users' common needs and expectations. The main advantages of a user requirements capture is the saving of time and money by validating the scope of a project against its users' needs and expectations before any work begins. This in turn mitigates the risk of the project launching and failing to meet its objectives (increased online conversion, registrations, visits, etc.).

The research will also uncover critical information to improve the end result by answering questions such as; is the current target audience realistic?
Discuss why this is a critical step and what common practices impact its success. Include environmental, political and technology issues.
In your opinion at what stage of project planning and management the cost estimation should be done? Justify your answer with examples and description.

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