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Week Two


Critical Thinking and Writing


·         Recognize the relationship between critical thinking and clear writing.

·         Examine written content for vagueness and ambiguity.


Course Assignments


1.     Readings


·         Read Ch. 2 & 3 of Critical Thinking.

·         Review the Ch. 2 & 3 Web Site Resources Tutorial at

·         Review the Chapter Overview, Frequently Asked Questions, Tips on Applications, Help with Exercises, and Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentations sections of the McGraw-Hill companion Web site for Ch. 2 & 3 at


2.     Exercise: Review Quizzes for Ch. 1, 2, & 3


·         Complete the following Review Quizzes at

·         Copy and pasteyour quiz results into a new post. The subject line of the post should tell the instructor which quiz you are posting, for example, Ch. 1—Claims and Arguments Quiz.

Ch. 1

·         Claims and Arguments Quiz

·         Subjectivism and Value Judgments Quiz

Ch. 2

·         Vagueness Quiz

·         Ambiguous Claims Quiz

·         Defining Terms Quiz I

·         Writing Argumentative Essays Quiz II

Ch. 3

·         Chapter Review Quiz



3.     Discussion Questions


·         How does critical thinking affect you as a reader and writer? How can thinking critically improve your writing?

Read the following Discussion Question response written by Owen, a fictional Axia student. Identify areas of vagueness and ambiguity and discuss how you might clarify the e-mail message using the writing principles addressed in the text.


Hi class,


I don’t have a lot of time to explain but off the top of my head answer is as a reader critical thinking affects me all ways. Not just reading but writing too. Sometimes what I read I must write about later like this discussion question so clearly I have to read. Clear writing is the hardest thing in the world.


Though I don’t the average writer has to write business rapports which can build report and be interpersonal. In critical writing, writers construct sentences with clear intentions.  


Businesspeople write fast because the business people I know are always in a hurry.


Business reading is reports, memos and articles. My aunt is a university professor and she writes articles for journals. She is smart and a better writer than my uncle who is a businessman. So critical writers are better than business writers. But critical writing like argumentative essays have structure, so business writing has structure too. It’s not a matter of one kind of writing being harder than the other it’s that the structure is harder.




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