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Week One 


Thinking Critically


•Demonstrate knowledge of the elements and criteria involved with critical thinking.

•Recognize the importance of thinking critically.


Course Assignments


1.Course Preparation


•Read the course description and objectives.

•Read the instructor’s biography and post your own. 




•Read Appendix A. 


•Read Ch. 1 of Critical Thinking.


•Review the Answers, Suggestions, and Tips for Triangle Exercises e-text chapter provided for your reference in the text. Although you are not required to complete end-of-chapter exercises, it is helpful to review these worked examples in preparation for completing the Review Quizzes in Weeks Two, Four, Six, and Eight. Refer to this information if you need help understanding concepts from the assigned readings. 


•Review the Web Site Resources Tutorial and Ch. 1 Web resources. View the tutorial for accessing supplemental Web resources at


•Review the Chapter Overview, Frequently Asked Questions, Tips on Applications, Help with Exercises, and Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentations sections of the McGraw-Hill companion Web site for Ch. 1 at


3.CheckPoint: Taking a Position


•Resource: Appendix B

•Read the Coffee Break comic strip in Appendix B.

•Address parts A and B in the same post.

•Address the following in a 100- to 150-word response in part A of the post:


oState the key issue from the comic strip.

oDoes Anita suspend judgment before taking a position, or does she immediately take a position on the issue? Explain your answer.

oDoes Anita use logic when looking into the issue, or is her position based on a moral value judgment? Explain your answer.

oDoes she solve a problem, make a decision, or take action as a result of taking the position she did? Explain your answer.


4.Assignment: Supporting a Position


•Resources: National Public Radio (NPR) podcast, Florida Mulls Lethal-Injection Problems, or the article, “Execution Rules Still Inhumane”

•Listen to the NPR Podcast or read the article located on the Materials tab of your student Web site for Week One.

•Consider the issues raised by the following question: Should the United States continue to use capital punishment? 

•Post a 350- to 700-word response in which you identify the question’s principal issues. You must complete the following in your paper:


oChoose a position on capital punishment and support your position in your response.

oSupport your position with facts about capital punishment.



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