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I believe it is fairly easy to determine the difference between prejudicial and non-prejudicial rhetorical devices. A non-prejudicial rhetorical is when you have facts that support your statement and a prejudicial rhetorical is when you have a pre-determined decision to evaluate another individual. Here’s an example of a prejudicial rhetorical when asking someone on the phone that you have not seen in a while, “Are you still overweight?” In a non-prejudicial rhetorical instead say, “How’s your workouts at the gym been going?” I think it is really easy to determine that the statement made about the SUV is prejudicial because they make it out like everyone in the world who has an SUV lives in it. The same thing would be true for the student who makes the statement about not acing the test because the class has too many smart people. The student makes it sound like because of the other students it is impossible Ace the test.



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I believe it is fairly easy to determine the diffe