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Deaths within the first 2 years of life are broken into 3 categories:

  • battered child
  • impulse homicide
  • gentle homicide

Each state has different laws to address infant abandonment and infanticide. Choose a U.S. state, and research its child safe haven laws. Then, write paper that addresses the following:

  • How often does infant abandonment and infanticide occur in the state you have choosen? What are some of the suspected causes? (25%)
  • What is the purpose of an infant safe haven law? (10%)
  • Where and when was first infant safe haven law passed? What name was it originally given? (10%)
  • Who are the safe haven providers, and what are their responsibilities?(10%)
  • Are safe havens provided with immunity from liability for providers? Explain. (10%)
  • Who may leave a baby at a safe haven? (10%)
  • What are the consequences of relinquishment? Are the parent(s) protected? (20%)

Provide APA citations and references for your material. (5%)

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  life are broken into 3 categ

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