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Library Research Assignment

Use the library, Internet, and other available resources to develop a 7-9 page research proposal that includes the following:

  • Introduction to your topic and related issues (variables)
  • Purpose statement
  • Literature review
  • Research question and hypothesis
  • The research methodology to be used
  • Any questionnaires, interview questions, or research tools that you intend to use
  • How your results will be measured and analyzed
  • How your results will be presented


Agenda :

  • Unit 5: The Five Parts of a Research Paper 
  • Unit 5: Finding the Relationships in Data 
  • Unit 5: Regression Analysis & Coefficients 
  • Unit 5: Relationships and Variables 
  • Unit 5: Criminal Justice Research Paper
  • Unit 5: Presenting and Summarizing Data


Please make sure to use all of the materials from week 1 till now including DB’s. I’m attaching the instructor’s comments to each assignment so you can review and address anything that needs to be changed J

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