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You are a member of a police review board investigating a case for internal affairs. As a group, select a case involving police misconduct or judicial misconduct/malfeasance to research. Use the library, news reports, and the Internet to locate information on the case your group has selected.

Individual portion: Each group member should research at least one of the following portions of this case:

  • Details of the case and evaluation of ethical dilemmas involved, including all key details
  • Details and evaluation of the code of conduct related to the case, including the ethical responsibility of the officer (including possible differences on how an officer acts off or on duty)
  • Details and evaluation of societal opinions of the case, including potential implications for the community or political figures

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Group portion: As the police review board, your group will report based on the facts of the case and close with a recommendation of the review board of whether the officer who was involved in police misconduct or judicial misconduct/malfeasance will continue to work as an officer or be asked for a resignation. In your discussion, be sure to address the following:

  • theories of morality, values, and consequences
  • judicial ethics and responsibility
  • implications of judicial misconduct
  • recommended course of action for the officer or judge

4-5 Pages  not including references and title page

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