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The prosecutor you have been working with as a victim witness assistant has had many calls from victims of stalking. Some cases seem more serious than other cases; however, one case that no one in the office thought was serious resulted in the victim’s death. Everyone thought the couple was just going through a difficult breakup. 

To help make sure that the office does not minimize a potentially dangerous situation again, the prosecutor has asked you to put together an intake, evaluation, and assessment instrument to be used in taking information on stalking situations. Be sure to check stalking statutes and cite the elements of the crime of stalking on your documents.

  • Create an intake form that can be used to get important information from alleged victims of stalking. 
    • What questions would you have on this form? List 7–10.
    • Cite relevant stalking statutes.
  • Create an evaluation and assessment form based on the intake form you have created that will help rank the seriousness of the threat from the suspect who is stalking.
    • If the threat is high, what would you recommend to the victim?
    • How will you determine if the case is serious?
  • Your forms should reflect contemporary information and a legal definition of the crime of stalking, and what factors distinguish the most serious situations.
  • Be sure to cite all references in APA format.
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prosecutor you have been working w

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