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2,000 word essay

 3 References APA Format



Recently, your police department has received media coverage and community activist criticism due to the detective bureau's techniques of interrogation. Your chief of detectives has assigned you to develop a report for the chief of police to consider implementing a training program for detectives on this topic. The chief will use your drafted report to prepare his response to the media at a press conference scheduled for next week. Therefore, time is critical. Consider the following:

·         Miranda warnings and waiver of rights form

·         Use of audio/video equipment

·         Note taking

·         Developing a plan

·         Knowledge of the subject/incident

Please answer the following questions to guide you in the composition of your 4–6 page paper. Please justify all answers with academic or real-empirical practical criminal justice examples. Please use APA style formatting for cited sources.

·         What will be your priorities to help detectives in their interrogation techniques in this report to the chief of police?

·         Describe your plan to implement the recommendations in a new training program for interrogation techniques?

·         Provide an explanation on the importance of proper interrogation techniques and the overall consequences to the entire department. In the explanation, provide examples that will provide context and accentuate the points of proposal.

Please use the APA format to reference all sources used in the assignment.

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