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Deeming Juveniles Delinquents

The Juvenile Justice System was created to deal with juveniles that commit a delinquent act. A delinquent act is defined as an illegal action that if committed by an adult would be deemed a crime. 

I personally know a consultant that is an expert in dealing with problem children. Her name is Niurka Espinola and she happens to be my classmate in Strayer University, Doral campus. As a professional in this specific field, Ms. Espinola possesses wide knowledge in this specific subject matter. Her expertise comes primarily from her education and training in child development, early childhood education, teaching, on hands care and rehabilitation of institutionalized children, who were victims of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. After interviewing her, it was through her observation of the different methodologies that she used, in order for the children to regain trust and accept their new environment as a safe haven, thus creating an arena whereby they could express themselves, without negative repercussions that the realization came to me. There are children in different stages of development, and there are adults.

The age in which a child is deemed a juvenile differs from State to State. We want to believe that if a child is capable
of an antisocial behavior, now we can call him a juvenile, therefore, now the bad or illegal behavior can be called a delinquency. In the old days, it might have been a prank, a joke, mischievousness, but not a delinquent act. Let’s take Halloween for instance. What is Halloween, if not a threat to commit a delinquency upon a stranger; if they are threatened, if not given a treat? Why is that acceptable? Why do so many people wake up to toilet paper on their trees, the day after Hall