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Criminal Justice Trends Paper



Criminal Justice Trends Paper

          There are many concerns and issues that have affected one component of the criminal justice system, known as the correctional system. Some issues that has surrounded the correctional system for several years is the increase in inmate population within several prisons, which is causing many prisons to be heavily overcrowded, as well as the constant decrease in budget cuts. There have been new philosophies that have been developed in order to help aid in the evolving future of the corrections system through the past and current trends within the system. If these issues continue to progress and they are addressed effectively they will continue to disrupt the effectiveness and progress of the future operations of the correctional system as a whole. Many legislators, administrators, and activists have looked toward community and restorative justice programs in order to help combat the issues of overcrowding prisons, by the use of the past and current trends.

          In the past the “get tough” approach against crime was favored by the national political climate. However, the treatment programs were no help in reducing the recidivism rates. Furthermore, it was believed to keep the national crime rate low and to protect the public. Therefore, offenders that committed crimes need to be punished in order to deter crime. As a result, to the “get tough” program the three-strike legislation and the truth-in-sentencing reforms were soon after implemented into law. These reforms were created to target offenders involved in drug crimes, as well as repeat offenders. Once these reforms were implemented into law arrest rates increased dramatically, there were higher conviction rates, as well as longer wait periods for incarceration, which caused the amount of incarceration rates to increase to an alarming rate. The incarceration rate within the United States is five times highe