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Criminal Justice Trends


Criminal Justice Trends

This paper is on criminal justice trends.  In this paper, past, present, and future trends in law enforcement will be deliberated.  Also, the budgetary and managerial will also be discussed.  These things are significant in all areas of criminal justice.  The way that the criminal justice system modifications from the past to the present has had a big impact on the way the criminal justice system is. Modifications that were in the past had an impact on the present as changes in the present will have an impact on the future.   The changes that will be in the future will also have a big impact on the criminal justice system.  With modifications, no matter how vast or how slight always has impact to the future years.  When it comes to the criminal justice system, it does not matter if it is in law enforcement, (police, detectives, or any other), courts (judges or lawyers), or even corrections, they are all important.  They all have a big impact on the criminal justice system and how it is ran.

There are different types or jobs of law enforcement.  Some of these jobs are:

   * Uniformed police officers

   * Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs

   * State police, also known as state troopers or highway patrol officers.

   * Detectives

Just to name a few.  They are all important to the past, present, and future of the criminal justice system.  They all had important occupations in the past and they still have significant jobs in the present.  Their occupations will be just as significant in the future.  Even though things change with the times, the jobs of law enforcement will also have an impact on how things are done.  Change is virtuous if it has a positive impact.  Occasionally, change is not always good. 

In the past, like the 1800’s and early 1900’s, people felt safe within their own homes or even walking dow