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Crime Causation and Diversion



Crime Causation and Diversion

     The state of Virginia has many prevention and intervention programs to help juvenile delinquents. Virginia is committed to prevent juveniles from becoming lifetime criminals and this is shown through the prevention programs that are dedicated in ensuring that young men and women become successful members of society. This paper will describe how two of these programs work to reduce juvenile crime by analyzing the relationship between program premise and goals along with a major cause of juvenile delinquent behavior. The major goals, objectives, and core beliefs of these programs will be discussed. The key participants in these programs and the services they provide to youth will also be discussed. This paper will also identify which program of the two is more effective at reducing juvenile crime and the reason why.

     Two of Virginia’s prevention programs are the Gang Reduction and Intervention Program (GRIP) and the Aurora House. GRIP has five initiatives to reduce gang activity in the targeted neighborhoods. [Primary Prevention: Targets the entire population in high-crime, high-risk communities. The key component is a One Stop resource center that facilitates effective distribution of health and other support resources for youth and families. Secondary Prevention: Identifies young children, ages 7-14, at high risk of becoming involved in gangs and ju