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Crime and Punishment


            Several researchers have attempted to provide a synopsis of the contemporary criminal justice system. However, a full understanding of the social problems that afflict the society today can only be derived from a clear appreciation of the historical foundations of such problems. Crime and punishment provides a priceless perspective to contemporary criminal justice policy debates. It is important to note that criminal justice is a social construction and does not involve the application of abstract concepts (Coyle, 2013, p. 10). The criminal justice system is responsive to the prevalent social norms and social structure.

The Evolution of Society’s Views on Crime and Punishment

            The United States government has passionately declared war against crime and illicit drugs over the past several years through its ‘tough on crime’ policies. However, the definition of crime has changed over the years, as is the way the society views punishment and incarceration (Peelo & Soothill, 2013, p. 109). Until the 1960s, private consensual sex between same-sex adults was considered criminal. The changes in societal view regarding crime and punishment are sometimes driven by changes in cultural attitudes, although they frequently ha

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