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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

Imagine that you and your co-workers have been assigned a project that will take 1 year to complete for your organization.


Prepare a mind map diagram or other visual diagram that may be applied in a business setting that would increase a group or team’s motivation, satisfaction, and performance.


Address specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values among the people you collaborate with, and address how each difference influences behavior. How may those differences be effectively addressed in the plan to positively influence the team?


Be sure to explain on a separate page in a Word document using APA formatting requirements (as you do when you write papers), a substantive explanation of each of the elements you included in your mind map.  Include at least three outside sources to substantiate your observations and assertions in this assignment.  Be creative; make your diagram visually appealing.


Note: Please write conclusion in this paper.

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