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Part of project implementation or execution is having a human resources plan. What are the major components of a human resources plan? What are the different ways to acquire the human resources needed for the plan other than adding headcount? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?


Project implementation planning is used to ensure you can successfully implement the project plan. What are the key elements of project implementation or execution? What is the relationship between a project charter, a project plan, and a project implementation plan? As a project manager, what areas might you monitor and control to ensure project implementation is on track? How often might you review the project's progress? How might you handle project jeopardy or potentially missing a date when they occur?


The project manager must assist in the selection of vendors to supply component products or services necessary to complete the project. What criteria must be used to decide if the work would be done within the organization or outsourced or contracted out? How does your organization select its sources? What are some advantages and disadvantages of contracting versus outsourcing?


What are two reasons why understanding organization structure is important for project managers? What sources might project managers use to obtain organizational structure information?


Why is it important to have clear objectives, project plans, and roles and responsibilities as part of the project management process? How do these help in managing conflict? What might happen if these objectives, plans, roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined?

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