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PMO research for XYZ Corporation



XYZ company strategy is defined as being geared towards a leading market position for private yachts in its respective geographic market. The PMO brings significant advantages to the organization. Its primary focus is on metrics and progress tracking, which are crucial components of successful project execution. It can also help facilitate communication between developers, project managers and executives. While the agile worker is concerned mainly with innovation and fast delivery, the PMO can help to keep the rest of the organization informed as to what is going on. Scope changes, delays or quality issues can arise at any time, and when they do, they must be communicated to all of the stakeholders so that they can revise timelines and adjust their expectations.

Combining the strengths of scrum and xp is strategic moves that will help XYZ reach new heights of profitability they never thought possible. Project risk can be more effectively managed when the PMO is keeping an eye on things, and agile teams can achieve greater levels of transparency than before. In addition, the PMO can benefit from increased flexibility and dialogue with the customer, not to mention the fact that they will have more time to focus on their leadership role

Scrum and XP

Scrum and extreme programming provide complementary practices and rules. They overlap at the planning game (XP) and Sprit planning (Scrum). Both encourage similar values, minimizing otherwise troublesome disconnects between management and developers. Combined, they provide a structure within which XYZ customer can evolve a software product that best meets his or her needs, and can implement quality functionality incrementally to take advantage of business opportunities.

 Introduction to XYZ Project approach

XYZ Project approach had a significantly troubled background. The requirements and data were so complicated that prior efforts never got beyond analysis. After two highly