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Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Research Paper

LEG500- Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance

May 2013



This purpose of this research paper is to state the importance of corporate governance and ethical responsibility in a business, and to be able to justify the health and safety rights that employees have in corporations. According to Solomon (2010), corporate governance is a keystone aspect of a business, in which companies are directed and controlled. Corporate governance is important in the aspect of maintaining corporate success and not overstating social welfare. A weak corporate governance system can lead to the fall of the corporation, stated by Solomon (2010); the wake of massive collapses due to weak corporate governance has developed an aggressive attention on reforming corporate governance. (Solomon, 2010)

Ethical responsibility is the defined by first understanding that ethics is knowing what should be done. Our text reflects that ethics is not one that is governed by legislation or a judicial system however it is based on the critical consciousness which goes into deciding what is right and wrong through a thought and emotional process for a particular situation. Having ethical responsibility in a corporation is vital for the integrity of the company and what the brand stands