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Contingency Plan Evaluation (Appendix B)

Resources: Appendix B

Research and locate two contingency plans using a search engine of your choosing.

Fill out Appendix B, Contingency Plan Evaluation, using the information found in your search.

Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

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Appendix B: Contingency Plan Evaluation

Using a search engine of your choice, research and locate two contingency plans and use the information you find to fill out the evaluation table below.

Contingency Plan and Source

Plan A:

Plan B:

Provide a brief overview of the community the contingency plan serves.



Describe the risks the plan identifies and covers.



Does the plan adequately cover the risks identified?



Where does the plan excel?



Where is the plan inadequate?



Identify risks that the plan does not address.



Suggest a way to minimize that risk.



Which plan do you prefer and why?



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