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Visit the website of Consumers International ( What is the purpose of this website? Select any element of the “Key Issues” section and read the information provided by CI on that issue. Write a 2-3 page response using APA format.
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Today's consumers undergo nerve-racking challenges when purchasing goods and services. The "great deal" that consumers might have signed up for may not match what the seller promised. Indeed, the first and last name written on the agreement  very likely may have been obtained under false pretenses. Most, if not all, states have common law principles that discourage businesses from making profits through fraudulent transactions. More specifically, many states have enacted anti-fraud statutes, which make it easier for consumers to prove their case. However, despite the legal support of the statutes, the best line of defense against fraud and misrepresentation is consumer education. A well educated consumer can certainly make informed decisions prior spending his or her money on a good or service (Car Lemon, n.d.).

            Consumers International helps consumers to make thoughtful decisions. Consumers International  is a nonprofit organization that campaigns against the problems that matter to consumers  around the world. Consumers International not only acts as a global watchdog but also as an advocate against behaviors that jeopardize the principles of consumer protection (Consumers International, n.d.). In this paper the subjects to discuss are the pur