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Bn AP--Current Events Project (Replaces your Final Exam) Throughout the year we have examined many problems and conflicts that arise in an interconnected world during current events discussions and other lessons. In this project you will solve one of these problems/conflicts. You will research the facts/statistics about a problem/conflict and find ways in which other people have tried to solve the problem/conflict. Then, you will come up with a realistic new solution for the problem/conflict and create a “product” that creatively represents your realistic solution to the problem or conflict. I. To do list: a. Choose problem/conflict b. Research the topic/find statistics (number facts) & other information 1. What are the facts/statistics about the problem/conflict? a. When did this problem start? b. What is the history of the problem? c. Where is it a problem? d. How big of a problem is it? e. How is America involved? f. Why should we want to fix this problem/conflict? 2. What are current solutions proposed by others? c. Using the research, come up with your own detailed & creative solution to the problem/conflict that could realistically help solve the problem/conflict. The problem/conflict will determine your choice, not what you are good at or want to do. You will then create a “product” that represents your solution. Some types of projects done in the past include: 1. a brochure, website, billboard, song, movie, T-shirt, bracelet, survey, group (NGO), or something else to bring awareness to the problem/conflict 2. a children’s book or board game that helps children learn about the problem 3. a letter to a lawmaker--proposing a law, treaty, or other idea 4. a petition or survey 5. a prototype or drawing of an invention 6. Other ideas? (propose it to Ms. Forner) d. Present Proposal for project to Ms. Forner including research, proposed solutions by others, and your solution including product type e. Create the product f. Determine how you will represent the problem/conflict & solutions proposed by others to the class (powerpoint, posterboard, other?) g. Create powerpoint, posterboard, other? h. Prepare to defend the solution/product in front of the class II. Due Dates: a. Project Selection – A Day May 18, B Day May 19 b. Projects Due for Presentation A Day May 29, B Day May 28 YOU WILL CREATE A SOURCES PAGE USING NOODLETOOLS OR ANY OTHER WAY YOU FIND MOST USEFUL Information needed for Web site citation: 1. Name of the website: Provide the name of the Web site or project (not the URL). 2. Publisher of the Site: What company, organization or school publishes/sponsors this Web site as a whole? Look for a copyright statement at the bottom of the Web page. Shorten the name (as you would a publisher) when appropriate, and omit words like Inc. and Co. If the site is owned by an individual or the sponsor is unknown, leave this field blank. 3. Most recent date of access (when did you look at the site to get information) 4. URL (web address): for example: can shorten it 5. Web page or document/article title: Look for the title at the top of the Web page in a larger font. If citing a page that does not have a formal title, provide a description like Home page instead. If citing the entire site or project, leave this field blank. Information needed for book citation: 1. Author’s Name 2. Title of Book 3. Publisher (name of company) for instance: Penguin or McDougal Littell (who paid to print this book) 4. Publication City (use first name listed only) 5. Year of Publication (use most recent date) When you are finished creating your project create your sources page by going to: 1. 2. click: NoodleBib Express (bottom middle of web page) 3. Click: MLA 4. Select citation type: most likely will be Web Site or book 5. type in information 6. continue to create citations until you have cited all your sources 7. copy and paste into a word document
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uViolence against women was accepted and tolerated throughout history. More than two millenniums