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Conflict of interest in health care sector
Conflict of interest means whereby a professional has some kind of vested interests which makes
them an unreliable source. This interest could be anything from money, reputation, know-how or
expertise, etc. So, a conflict of interest arises when an individual is involves in multiple interests
and one of those interest could possibly corrupt his motivation to do the right thing (Rothman,
Conflict of interest in health care sector exists when the health care professional is influenced
intentionally or unintentionally by any financial or personal gain or any other factor that involves
high degree of self-interest. The responsibility of the health care professional is to look after the
patient and treat him by offering good advice and care. If does not follow his duty and instead
focuses on motivating his self-interest then a doubt can easily arise which way to follow. The
path of self interest or the path suggested by medical fraternity. This gives rise to conflict of
interest. It is shown in the following diagram:-

Conflict of interest occurs when the health care representatives i.e. doctors have personal
motives or are in situations in which the observer can easily conclude that the ethical
requirements of the doctors role is bein