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Globalization is a term which is used more often than it is implicit, as many differing definition have ascended in order to explain this perception. It is a multidisciplinary impression illustration on perceptions from International relations, to International Political Economy and Sociology.  A broad understanding of globalization can be reflected as the increasing interfaces between nation states and their markets.  However, Hughes ruminates many definitions on globalizations. He considers the two of the more generally acknowledged terms with the first being that of mass media which has created a “conjunction in global affairs in the economic, political and other spheres of social life.  The second is that of Americanization: as the US endeavors to enforce its global position through indispensable neo-liberalist economic principles, it spreads the neo-liberal concepts and free market transaction, creating societies in their own image, and eroding local cultures through the McDonald of societies.


However, there is no one definition that can clearly define globalization. As globalization can be measured a reflexive progression it has become an consolidation of all the concepts, its definition, as the pro