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Read the following Case Projects and respond to each in 350- to 700-words.

Murder at the Office:

A murder in a downtown office building has been widely publicized. You are a police detective and receive a phone call from a computer forensics investigator, Gary Owens, who says he has information that might relate to the murder case. Gary says he ran across a few files while investigating a policy violation at a company in the same office building.


Consider the silver platter doctrine.


Describe what procedures you would have to follow as a public official in 350- to 700- words.


Justify the procedures you chose to follow in this investigation.


Bomb Threat

As a computing investigator for your local sheriff’s department, you have been asked to go with a detective to a local school that received a bomb threat in an anonymous e-mail. The detective already has information from a subpoena sent to the last know ISP where the anonymous e-mail originated, and the message was sent from a residence in the school neighborhood. The detective tells you that the school principle also stated that the school’s web server had been defaced by an unknown computer attacker. The detective has just obtained a warrant for the search and seizure of a computer at the residence that the ISP identified.

Prepare a list of items that should be included in an initial response field kit to ensure that the preservation of computer evidence is maintained when the warrant is executed.



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Case Project 01: Murder at the Office

There is no specific police procedure recognized for specific

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