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This is a petition for review, filed by The Coleman Co., Inc. (Coleman), of an opinion of the court of appeals which affirmed a trial court judgment and award in favor of the respondents Sharon Volz and Valley National Bank, co-conservators for the plaintiff, Shannon Haddix. Volz v. The Coleman Co., Inc., 155 Ariz. 563748 P.2d 1187 [1986]. We have jurisdiction pursuant to Ariz. Const. art. 6, § 5(3), A.R.S. § 12-120.24 and Ariz.R.Civ.App.P. 23, 17A A.R.S.


We granted the petition for review to consider whether punitive damages were properly awarded pursuant to our holding in Rawlings v. Apodaca, 151 Ariz. 149726 P.2d 565 (1986), and Linthicum v. Nationwide Life Insurance Co., 150 Ariz. 326723 P.2d 675 (1986).


On 15 August 1983, while camping with her family, five-year-old Shannon Haddix (plaintiff) was severely burned by ignited gasoline. Her stepfather, Ron Volz, was pumping the fuel tank on his Coleman stove when, according to his testimony, a stream of fuel, without warning, ejected through the filler cap, crossed the campfire, ignited, and landed on Shannon, some 10-12 feet away. Volz testified that, after refueling the tank, he had screwed the cap on tightly before pressurizing