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This information I have been given is an extract from an estate agents. The current table structure is in un-normalised form, I will now go through the proper procedures and convert this table to third normal form; this will make the database work more efficiently.

Un-normalised Form:

This is the current schema for the database, it is contain in one table:

PROPERY_DETAILS (House#, Town, No. Bedrooms, OwnerID, Owner Phone#, Agent Code, Address, House Type, Asking Price, Owner Name, Owner Email, Agent Name, CustomerID, Customer Name, Customer Phone#, Offer Date, Offer Type, Amount)

The table is above I have named ‘PROPERY_DETAILS’, it holds the information off all the details relating to the property, from the property details to the bidding details, I am going to break this table into first normal form.

First Normal Form (1NF):

The table below i have named ‘PROPETRY_DETAILS’ this table contains details on the house the agent who is selling the property.