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Attracting the customers is very difficult for the company. The success and failure depends on the sales cycle of the company. The problem based marketing caused due to the following problem i.e. Purpose, Problems, Positioning, Process, Product, Packaging, Promotion, Persuasion, Pricing and Performance. Marketing problem is one of the major issues in the company and peoples are interested in spending their earned money in valuable product. The common marketing problem of a company is the expectation of discount by the people. Dropping the prices is not the solution for this process and some companies are increasing their level by providing offer. But if the product is not valuable the continuation of the sales will not takes place.

 If the price of the product is dropped the expectation of the customer is to continue the price level. Best solution for the problem is that the type of the product can be changed with certain quality. The price of the product can be adjusted by offering free services and gifts for the customers. If the process is continued successfully then there will be chance for the entry of new customers. The customers are also interested in spending their money with what they expect. The company must think about the customers and the employees. Some companies are interested in satisfying the employees but not customers. This will affect the success of the company. And also the product offered by the company through advertising must be implementing by the marketing strategies.

The product offered by the company must be realistic and that can be completed easily by the design strategies. For example if the car company doesn’t advertise about its car it can’t be successful in the world wide. In day today life finding the best salesmen is difficult one. The purpose of the company must be clear about the vision. The factors that influence the marketing process are of 6 types they are Culture environment