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Comp110/l lect8 lab tasks 1 2 12 13 14 COMP110/L lect8 Lab Tasks COMP110/L Professor Melara Write a program using the SoundManager package Guess_The_Note that you downloaded from the lab7. The program 1.? Repeats two generated notes unJl the two notes generated are the same. 2.? Run it. 3.? Screenshot1 the success of your program. Save the source code to be used on task2 Use the source code of task 1. 1.? expand your program with three repeaJng notes. The program stops when the three notes are the same. 2.? Run it. 3.? Screenshot 2 Task 3-­?5: Screenshot 3-­?5 Implement the problems of your exercises •? 12. Write a Java program to display Hello World 10 Jmes in the console. •? 13. Write a Java program to determine whether an input whole number is an even or add number. •? 14. Write a Java program to display 10 lines. The ?rst line, 1 star; second line, 2 stars; third line, 3 stars, .. so on; tenth line, 10 stars. File LastnameFirstnameIniJalRef9: Contains: Screenshot 1 – 5. A paragraph staJng your plan to study for your ?rst Midterm. Homework •? Prepare for your Exam.
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