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Community Profile for Harvey IL. 





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            Harvey is a relatively small community with a reported population of only 25,282 people in 2010. In addition to a smaller sized population overall, Harvey is also recognized as being particularly small in total area as well; spanning for only 6.30 square miles, Harvey is understood, as a result of its small size and median age of 24, to be a community of high crime rates. Another defining portion of this particular community is the fact that the entire state represents 17.5% of its members as falling below the national poverty rate; however, Harvey alone, contains 33.2% of residents that fall below the poverty rate for the entire state. Furthermore, “residents with income below 50% of the poverty level in 2009 were made up of 11.6% of Harvey residents compared to the entire state contributing to 6.0%” (City Data, 2013).


            Research supports that the community of Harvey was officially founded by Turlington W. Harvey, a Christian leader that represented religion and maintained a steady stream of loyal followers in 1891. Harvey was also recognized and remembered to be a very close associate and friend to the founder of Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute, Dwight Moody who also played an integral role in the initial development of the community of Harvey. “Harvey was originally intended as a model town for Christian values and was one of the Temperance Towns; it was closely modeled after the company town of Pullman which eventually was annexed into the city of Chicago” (City of Harvey, 2013).


            As was previously mentioned, Harvey is a relatively small community in regard to population and the number of members/residents o