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Communication Breakdown Problem in Organizations






The main challenge is a communication breakdown in organizations due to the absence of well-defined communication channels as well as a lack of constant improvement of the channels that are already in existence (Suchman, 1987).

The above issue is professionally important because it could be the root of all problems in an organization. Unless the above is well addressed, different other problems are likely to crop up in an organization, most of which are likely to bring negative effects to the progression of an organization. Besides the above concrete reasons, it is also an important matter since, in most circumstances, it is among strategic plans of an organization and hence, becomes a big factor in the operation of the organization due to its role in an entity.


The main goal to achieve from the above communication is not only free and effective communication but also faster communication that has the ability to get all the stuff and stakeholders of a company in question to be informed in time. Besides the above, another goal is to avoid a convoluted means of communication that is not only likely to cause the information passed in an organization to be ambiguous but also one that is likely to cause a breakdown in the communication lines of an organization and hence the likelihood of information not circulating in the right manner and reaching all the necessary stakeholders.

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