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Choose one of the disorders you read about in this unit, such as Fragile X Syndrome, ADHD, Turner's Syndrome, Down Syndrome, William's syndrome, Autism, or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Respond to the following questions using the disorder you chose.

Your friend Alice tells you that her daughter Lauren has been recently diagnosed with this disorder. Alice would like more details and comes to you for information.

Provide a brief description of the disorder.

Ask three friends or family members, who are not in the field of medicine or psychology, what they know about the cause and symptoms of the disorder. Analyze their replies and discuss what this might infer about how this disorder is known and perceived by the general public.

Alice expresses guilt that she may have caused Lauren’s disorder, and is also concerned that it might occur again in future offspring. What would you advise her in terms of preventive actions, available testing, and reproduction options?



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