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COM 510 WEEK 7 DISCUSSION "Hooking Your Audience" Please respond to the following: Part 1: In preparation for Assignment 2, which in due in Week 9, share your opening. What story or data point are you using to hook and connect with the audience? NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWERS PROVIDED CHOOSE ANY
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As a valued employee of the Commonwealth of Virginia  for the past 18 years, and working in the capacity of  assistant customer relations manager for the past 7, seeing the job description and posting for Associate Directors of Admissions made me exhilarated. I felt this would be a perfect fit for me for a career advancement.  I have played a major role throughout my career path to uphold the service standards of the company including professionalism, ethical conduct, being respectful, knowledgeable, responsive, and collaborative. I also enjoy working for an organization that meets the needs of students, colleagues and community members as a whole. I am proposing to the HR department as well as the hiring that I not only meet the necessary qualification for the position but my quality of work, performance, enthusiasm, and willingness to go the extra mile  are well suited and a perfect match to lead this department is warranted the opportunity.


Telling a Story

Telling a story as an opening to a presentation has bee