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Consider the following:


Technologies evolve, but sex and violence have always been—and may remain—hot-button issues in the media. The pace of new technological change is so rapid that some people may no longer wait on formal media effects research to make personal decisions.


Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper that addresses the following:


·         Compare media portrayal of sex and violence today to media portrayal of sex and violence when you were a child.


·         Explain how the negative effects of sex and violence on children have increased in media technology. Provide examples and cite at least one contemporary news article.


·         Explain how the negative effects of sex and violence on adults have increased in media technology. Provide examples and cite at least one contemporary news article.


·         Make specific recommendations about how the problems of media portrayal of sex and violence might be minimized.


·         A related hot-button issue is how communication has changed societal perspectives on immediacy and intimacy. Explain whether you regard these changes as beneficial or detrimental.


Cite at least three different peer-reviewed outside sources, in addition to the two contemporary news articles.


Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Affect of sex and violence in media has always been a debatable issue. The media has developed a lot, there have been new technologies in media but media has always been blamed for promoting sex and violence in the society. In following lines, we will discuss the affect over exposure of sex and violence on not only youth but also on adults.


The youth of America is into media. The youth has access to all kind of media. They have computer, television, music players and cell phones. The greatest proportion of their time is spent with media. An American that is between the ages of eight and eighteen spends more than six hours using media daily. Using various forms of media at the same time (multi-tasking) is growing, accounting for eight and a half hours of exposure to media on a daily basis (Roberts & Foehr, 2008)

Sex, violence and drugs in media have been affecting not only minors but also the behavior of adults. Today media has progressed a lot .The new technology has brought many positive changes in media. The media in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s was not equipped    with modern technology, and also there was not so much commercialism. The media people were also not so much desperate to sell their product and for the rating of programs. The movies   were blamed for spreading sex and violence. There was not much access to internet and cell phones. The news and entertainment programs did not have so many   sex or violence scenes. The cartoons were limited to TOM AND JERRY, Archie’s, and THUNDER CATS etc. These programs did not have so much have sex or violence. The children of that era were less exposed to sex in the media as compared to today’s child .The media   was not developed   technologically, which could give a clear of vision of scenes which carried sex and violence. The news channels and newspaper did not sensationalize the news. There was less care about the rating. The child of that era did not have access of so much internet and cell phones. There were still  a kind of print media which promoted sex. But  In the era from 70’s to 90’s sex was thought to be discussed  privately ,the subject of sex was not discussed very openly. Now in the new century everything has developed, technology has made everything possible. The access of internet, cell phone  has made very easy for a child to access anything about sixth movies are equipped with sex  ,the sex scenes are very much sensationalized. The cell phones have internet facilities. A child now does not have to travel far but with one click of cell phone or computer a child can see any type of video or photo. The television news channels now present any type of news with a sh