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Com 373 Week 3 DQ's

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How might understanding the buying process help salespeople influence a buyer’s decision? Cite specific examples.


A salesperson can influence a buyer’s decision during their buying process when they know the steps the consumer goes through to make the decisions that lead up to a purchase. Though understanding at each level what goes on they secure each sales pitch they make knowing the vulnerability and opportunity at each stage.

For awareness for instance they can suggest many models to customers that help solve problems and provide information on features that are offered.

When the consumer is evaluating their options the salesman can cite the various features and differences between the products they sell compared to the ones their competitors do.

At purchase the sales person should avoid mentioning further purchases and making the customer feel sales pressure on their part.


Based on your personal experience, what effective techniques do salespeople use to find and qualify customers? Which techniques are least effective? Would you feel uncomfortable using any of these techniques? Explain.


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