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COM 373 Week 1 DQ's

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·         There are four basic communication styles: the AIDA model, hierarchy of effects model, innovation adoption model, and information processing model. What are the potential strengths and weaknesses of each of these communication styles? Which style would you select as your preferred style? Why?


The AIDA model is a good and classical tool for selling and marketing strategies, it’s a tried and tested compatible partner that explains the consumer decision process but is limited and because of its limitations it has been expanded upon into a more complex anagram based model that salespeople can use by including custom or new elements making it a tried and not retired model.

The hierarchy of effects once inverted becomes like a sales funnel describing the stages of how we can turn knowledge into a purchase using a hierarchical approach like a checklist which can simplify the process.

The limitation of the model is that it is rigid and an unbreakable rule of marketing but not to sales and salespeople use it loosely and adaptively to their selling situation.