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COM 340 Week 4

COM340 Week 4 Assignment

For this assignment, select a simple process you routinely perform or a common household or office object as the topic for your process/mechanism description. Some examples of common processes are brushing your teeth, combing or brushing your hair, tying your shoes, eating breakfast, etc. Some common household or office objects for a mechanism description are flashlights, nail clippers, retractable ballpoint pens, scissors, staplers, or any other simple mechanisms.

Before writing your process or mechanism description, complete an audience and use profile (p. 35 of the text.)

Write a one-page, single-spaced, objective description of the process or mechanism you have selected. Incorporate the elements of a usable description and a logical descriptive sequence, as shown in Chapter 19 of the text. NOTE: You do not have to include a visual in your assignment; however, you may do so if you wish. If you include a visual, be sure it meets the requirements for an effective visual you studied in Chapter 12. Make sure your process/mechanism description includes a brief introduction, body, and conclusion.

Submit your process/mechanism description with a properly prepared APA title page and a reference page (if required).



COM 340 Week 4 Assignment process/mechanism description

COM 340 Week 4 Assignment

COM/340 Week 4 Assignment

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