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COM/340 Week 1 Evaluation of a Health Related Website  ((***** APA Format + References  ******))

COM340 Week 1 Evaluation of a Health-Related Website

COM 340 Week 1 Assignment

Evaluation of a Health-Related Website


In July 1999, The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) issued the following advice to consumers who use the Internet for health-related information and services. ATA’s criteria for a quality site include the following (“Advisories” 2–3):

·         The site is sponsored by a reputable healthcare organization (American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, nationally recognized medical college, or the like). Information from a commercial interest such as a drug company should include assurances that the material is reasonable, balanced, and objective and does not merely promote the company’s own products.

·         Each information source is clearly documented.

·         A site providing online diagnosis or prescribing treatment and medication avoids any direct sales of the treatments or medications being prescribed.

·         The professionals offering medical consultation are fully licensed and their credentials are clearly posted.

·         The site clearly describes its policies and procedures for maintaining records of the consultation and safeguarding patient privacy.

Visit a health-related Website and evaluate it according to the above criteria. Focus on sites that cover alternative health such as asAlt Medicine, sites that create specific recommendations based on the information you provide such asWebMD, sites that offer specialized consultation about specific medical conditions such asHealthLine, or discussion sites for people with a specific medical condition such as theCancer Survivors Network .

Assume that you are a Website consultant. Based on your reading so far about technical communication and the ATA guidelines above, prepare a numbered list of specific problems you noticed on the Website and a recommendation of how each problem could be corrected. Your list should be approximately one page, single spaced, with a double space between the problem and the solution and a double space before each numbered item. Attach a title page to your list, formatted in proper APA style.



COM 340 Week 1 Evaluation of a Health-Related Website

COM/340 Week 1 Evaluation of a Health-Related Website


COM 340 Week 1 Evaluation of a Health-Related Website

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