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COM 285 Week 3 - LT Learning Team Charter Analysis

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Resource: Learning Team Charter


Development of communication technologies has eased the ways people can work together regardless of their distance i-e how far they are. With this, more people can now compete, share their knowledge and conduct activities which they would not have done before. These technologies are very beneficial for groups as it allows employees to work from their houses and connect remote employees, coordinate projects and communicates messages internally.

Technologies that can be used for group communication are by holding meetings on-line or via video or telephone connections. Teleconferences are those in which group members communicate through telephone. A video or audio connection makes communication possible through videoconferences. Online chat, email groups and wiki’s allows members to communicate through computer text based discussion. These online conversations also involve social media at work and professional use these tools to either connect formally or informally like twitter, facebook etc. online meetings can also be held by using Microsoft’s Live Meeting.

Advantages of using communication technologies