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COM 285 Week 1 - Individual - Business Communication Trends Paper

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Business communication plays a crucial role in our day-to-day activities at work. An individual, who is able to communicate effectively, can play an important role in success of the business. We can establish good relations and trust with other employees who can develop and create good relationships and all the employees can collectively contribute in achieving goals of the company. Trust can be developed with other employees by using communication as a tool for mutual connectivity. Being a manager, I should be aware about the needs of the employees working under me and should possess good communication skills to build familiarity with my team members. Also, at certain points, I will be required to resolve issues or conflicts among the employees. Good communication skills will help me handle negativity properly without further worsening of the situation. Also, if there is an existence of communication gap, issues can develop, so to handle them and avoid problems, effective communication is essential. With this, issues among employees will be reduced and they will give good performance. For effective business communication, meetings being held regularly can also be helpful in achieving objectives or missions of the company. With these meetings, employees will be informed and motivated and sense of recognition will develop among them, which will foster their performance and their attitude towards work. These meetings also involve face-to-face interactions and innovative ideas are shared and exchanged among individuals and we have a broader perspective about the discussions being held. A manager is also entitled to coordinate activities and be good at negotiating things.

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